A little bit discombobulated. Also, tired.

by Veronica on June 15, 2015

in Soapmaking

It’s just been four market weekends in a row. Count them. One, two, three, four. In a row.

I’m looking down the barrel of two free weekends to catch up on all the extras before we start again. This business is rewarding and exhausting and I’m sitting here, a wee bit see through and shattered, hoping that a stiff breeze doesn’t carry my rapidly stiffening body away before I’ve had time to catch up.

There comes a point after a market day when I just cannot talk anymore. Nathan will ask about my day and I slowly become more and more monosyllabic until I just cannot fathom the thought of talking anymore, of doing or being anything anymore. I sit there, in the car, like a lump.

The restorative powers of McDonands brought me back last night, and no, I will not be shamed for my choices of junk food after many many hours standing talking to people, selling soap.

Markets are a wonderful thing, but they’re an awfully large expenditure of energy, all at once. POOF, gone, there went my ability to speak and walk and not be exhausted for three days following them.

That said, it was an excellent month for me. Awareness of my business is growing, and I’m slowly developing a group of loyal followers, which is always a lovely thing.

I’m planning on spending a few days recuperating with netflix, cake, and home cooked soups, before I go back to work. The weather is cold and I need to manage my physical health carefully, so I can continue to do what I love.

In the meantime, I added the new range of Goat’s Milk Soaps to the online shop, available for purchase immediately.

Creamy Goat's Milk Soap French Pear and Goat's Milk Soap Goat's Milk and Black Raspberry soap

I would also like to move for hipsters to stop making so much “bone broth” because soup bones are getting astronomically expensive and really, I would like to make some stock (NOT BONE BROTH, damnit, IT IS STOCK. STOCK!) without breaking my bank account.

K June 15, 2015 at 2:20 pm

I totally agree regarding the soup bones!

I remember when I used to get them for free when I was getting something else from the butcher. The butcher sells them for a couple of $ now, but the other day I noticed that Coles had a pack of beef bones for stock, 1kg for nearly $8!

Enjoy your well-earned break. The goat’s milk soaps look awesome by the way 🙂

Fiona June 15, 2015 at 11:12 pm

Damn hipsters

river June 16, 2015 at 7:35 pm

“The restorative powers of MacDonald’s”
so true
Not recommended as a steady diet, but now and again, you really need the greasy cheesiness.

When I was very young and money was scarce, my mum would go to the butcher and buy meaty dog bones, usually beef shin bones, and have him cut them up into thirds and those are what she made stock from. I did a similar thing by going to one of those places that sold chicken breast fillets, thigh fillets etc and asked to buy the carcasses. I’d get a bagful for just a couple of dollars. Perhaps you could try that?

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