I’m Veronica Foale and I get a strange amount of pleasure from writing about my life on the Internet.

I live in Tasmania with my husband, Nathan and our three children, Amy – born September 2006, Isaac, born January 2009 and Evelyn, born July 2012.

I’m passionate about telling stories and having other people tell their stories to me. I think that people are interesting, even when they don’t know it. Everyone has a story to tell.

In April 2009, I was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) after years of worsening symptoms. Prior to this I’d been misdiagnosed with CFS/ME and spent a lot of time waiting to get magically better.

Having EDS is not fun, but having a diagnosis now makes life a little easier. Most of my joints either sublux (partially dislocate) or dislocate fully at some stage. This is as painful as you would imagine it to be. I swear, a lot. Luckily having EDS doesn’t stop me writing or imagining things; just lifting heavy boxes, or twisting.

I don’t blog about my children much anymore, although they do make appearances often here. Both older children are in school now and deserve the chance to craft their own stories without my influence over their online identities. Evelyn, well – she’s a toddler. A brilliant amazing toddler who has overcome more than a few medical issues, but toddlers are kind of boring. They’re all the same. If you’ve got kids you know what they’re like.

Life is busy and chaos, and so much fun. I enjoy what I do, whether it be writing, reading or making soap.

Soap is, however, my newest passion. We’re aiming to have a soap business up and running in September and you can sign up for our email list here if you’re interested in buying soap, or following our journey.

You can find me blogging about myself, writing and life at VeronicaFoale.com,  and on Twitter with @VeronicaFoale

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