Seven! How does this even happen?

by Veronica on January 18, 2016

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Isaac turned seven today.

I’m not quite sure where the time has gone.

Words are maybe returning. I might be back soon. x


Puddling jumping fun

by Veronica on November 9, 2014

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Exhausted, mentally, physically

by Veronica on February 9, 2014

in Amy, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Isaac

I had to walk up the road (200m) this morning to discuss an incident in which a neighbour’s dog killed a bunch of my baby chickens. By the time I got back, I was exhausted. It’s not a strenuous walk – the road is flat and easy. But my foot fell apart as I limped home, unable to quite work out which bone was out of place.

Yesterday I had one ulcer hiding in the bottom of my cheek. This morning, both sides of my mouth are ulcerated. My skin is breaking out, my brain is foggy and I am Tired and Run Down.

The school holidays were wonderful, but I’m wrung out. I need a week of laying on the couch reading books, drinking chicken soup and doing nothing.

My joints are flared, my shoulders keep falling out of place and I am feeling like my blood pressure can’t work out how low it wants to fall.

Look, this happens every few months. It’s actually been a while since I felt this terrible, and it’s nice to have had a break in the middle from the see saw that is my health.

But today I feel crappy, and exhausted. I have things I need to do, I have things I want to do. I have children to feed and watch and play with, but uuuuugh.


School is back, which is a bonus. Isaac began Kindergarten last week, and his first day went amazingly well.

Isaac first day of school 075

Isaac first day of school 098

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to this week, with 2/3 of my children at school, and Evelyn still napping regularly.

Hopefully, I can rest, recharge, and stop feeling like I’m being pressed into the ground by the sheer weight of the exhaustion I have.

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And now you are five

by Veronica on January 18, 2014

in Isaac

Five years ago, I was two minutes away from giving birth. The midwives and my husband were frantically trying to help me out of my pants as the urge to push overwhelmed everything.

Isaac arrived in a rush. A giant burst of energy and BANG, I was a mother again. He delights me every single day, and now he is five and I wonder where the years have gone.

Isaac's 5th Birthday 030

I made a giant cake – banana cake with salted caramel buttercream. It was divine, but after three weeks without any sugar, much too sweet. I’ll make it again, but drop the sugar content a lot.

It’s been interesting, not eating sugar. Yesterday was the first sugar I’d had since Jan 1 (I was making buttercream and it needed taste testing, obviously), and today I woke up bleary and feeling like my head was full of cotton wool.

Needless to say, I think quitting sugar is having a huge difference on my health. BONUS.

Isaac had a great day at the park, having a BBQ with our family. All of his presents were a big hit and he is very excited to be FIVE finally. He starts school in a little over two weeks and he’s excited.

So am I, frankly.


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We were driving home in the dark yesterday evening when Evelyn decided she didn’t like it. You have to forgive her; we’d been out all afternoon, beginning with a hospital appointment and finishing with the supermarket. I don’t blame her for her dislike of the dark – especially as her eyes hadn’t entirely recovered from the drops that opthamology gifted her with.

She began to shriek, in a head splitting tone. It wasn’t an upset cry, so much as an angry one, and she made her utter digust known. In the dark, in the backseat, with blurry eyes, she thought she was alone and thus, shrieked to let us know that she was there and where were we?

From the very back, Amy piped up.

“Mummy, I need the music turned up. Can you turn the radio up please?”

Hoping the music would soften Evie’s shrieking, which was beginning to sound rather ambulance like in its pitch, I turned the music up, and Amy began to sing, as only a six year old can.

“Amy, shut up! I don’t want you singing! You’re making me angry!” shouted Isaac, kicking his feet.

Amy sang louder.

“I am angry with you! I AM ANGRY WITH YOU. Stop singing! Mummy, why is Evie shouting? Can you make Amy stop singing?”

Hours in the hospital had left Nathan and I both with headaches and we were frazzling fast. Evie doubled her efforts, but Amy stopped singing.

“Why are you angry with me Isaac?”

“I am just ANGRY WITH YOU.” he shouted.

“But why are you angry?”

“Because you made me angry!”

“But why? Why are you angry Isaac? Why are you angry?”


“Mummy, make Isaac tell me why he’s angry. I’m ALLOWED to sing Isaac. I’m allowed to sing. Aren’t I allowed to sing Mummy? Can I sing?”

“Make her stop talking to me! I am angry with her! Stop her talking! Mummy, why is Evie shouting? It hurts my ears.”


My head was aching, and Evelyn’s voice was reaching unexplored heights.


“Mummy, can you make Evelyn be quiet? She’s hurting my ears. I am ANGRY WITH YOU. I am angry with ALL OF YOU.”

“Why is Isaac angry, Mummy? Why is he angry?”



And that is when my head exploded all over the car.

No. Wait. That’s a lie.

That is when I reached across and squeezed Nathan’s knee. “All right dear?”

“FINE” he replied, through gritted teeth. “Evie’s rather …. loud, isn’t she?”

“Yes, she rather is.”

Then we got the giggles.

“Oh man, I am so frazzled. I just need them to shut up!” I stated quietly to him, while Evelyn practised shouting her vowels behind me.

“I hear you.”

“Mummy! Did you say shut up?” Isaac shouted from the back. “You aren’t allowed to say shut up! It’s not a nice word! It’s like swearing. You can’t say it! Shut up makes me angry. You’re not allowed to say it.”

And THAT is when my head exploded all over the car.

three children together

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