Evelyn is obsessed with cows. Cows and butterflies, and flowers and outside.

Basically she’s obsessed with Springtime.





She is over the moon to have a paddock filled with calves and their mothers across the road. She spends a lot of time demanding to go outside and watch the coooows. Failing that, she will stand forlornly at the window until they wander into view before she loses her mind and makes everyone come and look because COOOOWS!

It’s adorable.

I showed her Mount Gnomon Farm’s instagram feed last night and she was in her element. FOOD! COWS! SHEEP! PIGS!

It doesn’t take much to make a two year old happy.

I spent the morning making soap today (Sweet Vanilla, and Passionfruit) and the afternoon packing soap. Evelyn sat next to me while I bagged soaps and added stickers.

“I HELP YOU!” over and over again until I realised she was demanding to help, not telling me she loved me or asking for something. Her speech is a little slurry still, but the muscle tone is improving and language leaps are happening.

She pressed down stickers after I put them on and it was going fantastically until she found a Sharpie on the table and nearly defaced the afternoon’s work while I sorted the pre-ordered soaps from the sellable immediately soaps.

It could have been a drama, but crisis averted. Mostly. She did shout a liiiiitle bit about the loss of the sharpie, but details.

It’s looking like our hallway and living room carpet are going to be replaced. A few weeks back a lightbulb exploded molten glass all over the place, leaving burned carpet and melted in glass everywhere. Insurance has been through to make it safe (unfortunately covering molten glass shards with duct tape doesn’t work so well) and they’ve just been in contact to say someone will be out to measure my main two rooms for new carpet.

On one hand FREAKING AWESOME. It almost makes up for almost having the house burn down (okay, hyperbole, but it definitely burned the carpet and I’m glad Nathan and I were awake with a puking/rotten sick Evelyn at the time, otherwise it would have been even crappier) and the subsequent cut feet as we found all the melted shards.

On the other hand OH MY GOD. All my soap curing shelves are on the carpet which needs replacing. As is most of our furniture.

It’s going to be chaos.

Chaos with a point, but still, chaos.

I’m torn between a panic attack and happy dancing.


New soaps in the shop!

Cardamom Sandalwood is back in stock with a make over and a new recipe to add even more luxurious bubbles.

Cardamom Sandalwood Soap

Up The Garden Path is a springtime smelling floral sensation and absolutely gorgeous pretty at the same time.


Chocolate Soap

This only went into the shop this weekend and it’s almost sold out! Smells like brownies, or the best dark chocolate.

Chocolate Soap

That’s life for me. How are you?

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Wow, Internet. WOW. Can I just say firstly, the support for our business launch last month was astounding and fabulous and I am so grateful to every single one of you.

Yes, I know I’ve said all this before, but it bears repeating, because FEELINGS.

In the middle of all the regular orders, we’ve also had some large wholesale orders popped in to be ready for Christmas. After three weeks of panicky making, I can honestly say that everything ordered is curing and will be ready by mid-November. Thank GOODNESS.

It was a lot of fun and a lot of work to make that much soap. I swear the soap dishes get it on in the middle of the night and by the time I come around to wash them in the morning there are little baby dishes everywhere. If they’re not having babies I’m not quite sure how I managed to dirty ten moulds, five jugs, three buckets and every single spatula I own over the course of one day. Magic, clearly.

It’s the school holidays now and this means I have minions home to help pack soap and stick stickers, which is a small consolation in the face of overwhelming Minecraft and the fact SOMEONE keeps changing my Spotify station to Ke$ha.

Kill me.

Free time is at a premium and the kids are taking up most of it. Sorry Internet.

In the meantime, have some soap photos.

Everyone loves soap photos.

PS: vanilla lip balm is back in stock, so if you were waiting to buy, here’s your chance!

Operation Move Branded Soap

Lavender Swirl Soap

Cedarwood Soap

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The launch has been a roaring success

by Veronica on September 14, 2014

in Soapmaking

I opened the soap website on Friday morning, and announced that we were live for sales shortly after. I wasn’t quite prepared for how well we were going to do.

I know, it sounds odd to admit it, but I was honestly hoping we would sell a little soap, get a little social media support and go on with our lives.

I did not expect to begin selling out of some products within 24 hours, or that I would suddenly be counting how many bars of soap I had curing and wondering if it was enough.

So THANK YOU. Thank you for making the first two days of our business opening a roaring success. Thank you for buying soap, sharing our links, tweeting at me, telling your friends. Thank you all so very very much.

We’d warned our local post office we were opening an online business and that we’d have lots of parcels. She looked at us a bit strangely, but didn’t say much.

Now we have lots of parcels and Monday morning we’re going to be descending on her tiny country post office with armfuls of things to send. (EXCITE)

She only has a manual scale however, so Nathan isn’t looking forward to it. I’ve told him to buy the newspaper and sit outside with a coffee while she weighs everything.


Maybe we can convince her to buy electronic scales.


I’m frantically making more soap to keep up with demand, so if there’s something you were interested in and you don’t see it in my shop, email me and I’ll let you know when it will be in stock.

And finally, look at these soaps I cut this morning!

This one, Coffee Break, went thicker faster than I expected and I worried it was going to be terribly ugly inside. Big relief to discover it’s quite pretty. It will continue to darken over the next few days until it’s a chocolate colour.


And this soap was a new fragrance and I am in love. It’s Cashmere and it’s a knock off of a perfume? Or something? It’s delicious anyway.  I have to keep picking it up and smelling it.


Also, in case you didn’t know, if you buy soap between now and September 19, you go into the draw to win an amazing prize pack.

So go forth! Buy soap!


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And the business is live!

by Veronica on September 12, 2014

in Sending You Elsewhere, Soapmaking


It’s finally here! The shop is open and launched and I am so very excited.

Head on over and buy some soap!


As a bonus, everyone who buys soap in the next two weeks gets entered into the draw to win an amazing gift pack:

Gift Basket


Chilli Lime Chocolate Block
Salted Caramel Chocolate
Torched Macadamia Chocolate
Dark Chocolate Fudge
Mocha Fudge
Apricot Almond Fudge
After Dinner Mint Fudge
Raspberry Fudge

Lily and Ginger Candles – Coffee Date
Lily and Ginger Candles – Almost Spring
Lily and Ginger Candles – Black Forest
Lily and Ginger Candles – Fondue for Two

Exfoliating Foot Soap
Orange Blossom and Calendula Soap
Lemon Meringue Pie Soap
Cardamom Teakwood Soap
Roses all the way Soap
Woods and Bitter Coffee Soap
Skin Lover Soap
Shea Butter Soap
Chocolate Lip Balm
Vanilla Lip Balm
Strawberry Lip Gloss

RRP $140

Thank you so much to Lily and Ginger Candles, and The Fudge A’Fare for being involved and supporting our launch!

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Evelyn spent the weekend in hospital with another virus. She’s getting better now, thankfully, but it threw a large spanner in the middle of my Oh God We’ve Only Got A Few Days Until Our Shop Opens panic. There’s nothing like a toddler with breathing difficulties to make you throw all your to-do lists out the window.

She’s recovering now, thankfully. Hopefully she can avoid more viruses and more hospital stays for a while.

The business launches on Friday and we are, of course, chaotically busy. There’s soap to photograph, packaging to do, labels to print and cut and an entire shop website to fill with products. It’s a lot of fun.

Packing Soap

Lemon Blush

Cucumber Melon

I’ve got a lot of soap to pack.

In the middle of all this, Amy turned EIGHT.

I’m not quite sure where all the years have gone, but there you go. She’s eight and amazing. If I was a proper sort of mummyblogger, I would have written an entire post dedicated to my first born, complete with pictures. Instead I’m just kind of lazy about it. And busy.

Needless to say, she had a great day.


Someone hold me.

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